April 2020 Review


We are back after an almost 9 month hiatus, thanks to Covid-19.

November 2020 saw us able to return on a limited basis and wow – were our groups happy to return to us!

In came 2020 and in came the guests.

Again we endured another short lockdown in February.

No sooner had our poor group of scrapbookers checked in and and hour later Mr Andrews announced the 5 day snap lockdown.

The ladies excitement at returning to us after we had to cancel their booking in 2020 was short lived and they reluctantly packed their bags and promptly turned around and checked out.

We have been flat out since January and as our weekends are usually booked twelve months ahead, our mid week bookings have filled far beyond our expectations.

It seems everyone has been desperate for a break away from home – usually a sanctuary, but for a couple of months in 2020 it had become a place of confinement for so many of us.

Our mid week bookings are now pretty full throughout the winter months.

We have quite a few new groups coming to enjoy a retreat at The Old Hospital – they too are enjoying the break in a new and relaxing environment post lockdown, as this latest Review from one of our guests suggests.

As a result of being almost fully booked, our turnaround time to clean and make up beds between our groups has become quite a narrow window.

Our semi retirement lifestyle is now a full time job.

Despite our very busy schedule, we are grateful for the continued support of all our guests and feel blessed our business is booming – so many businesses have not survived.


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