The new hydronic heating boiler.

Just prior to Christmas we closed for a couple of weeks maintenance.

We continued to modernise the outside colour of the building – a welcome change from a tired cream, indian red and brunswick green colour scheme. Our trusty painter worked tirelessly, dodging the often dark skies and in between the summer rain showers to transform our ugly duckling into a swan. 

Our guests are now eating their breakfast on our deck and are enjoying the fruits of our (or rather, our painter’s) labour.

The big maintenance project was replacing our industrial sized LPG gas boiler, which powers our wonderful hydronic heating that the guests all enjoy in the colder months. The old unit was a “half star “ energy efficient, or should I say, inefficient, unit which was around 30 years old. The new boiler has a six star energy rating, and is much more user friendly, – we also hope the LPG refill truck will not be wearing out our driveway so much with his weekly visits to refill our gas bottles.

The plumber has finally finished the installation and this week it has all passed the safety inspections required. Today I paid my first visit to the boiler room for a while – (Peter is far more excited to see this equipment than I am). To me it looks like a NASA launch pad!

There are pipes, valves, gauges, dials, levers, cable ties, insulation, small green things, medium size black and yellow things, and even a big red thing – all too scary and intimidating for me to ever touch.

Now I see why the installation was such a long process – all those bits of the puzzle have been put into place. It reminds me of the game “Mouse Trap”, when I stand at the door in wonder. I just hope the big cream rectangular thingy doesn’t come crashing down like the cage does over the little mouse eating the cheese. The place has been swept so clean that there would never be any cheese or mice inside here.

I have to admit that it is a six star work of art and I am secretly excited for the winter in Loch this year – we will all be toasty warm here at The Old Hospital.

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