We have just had our official opening, welcoming local business owners and neighbours to come and have a look through the building and gardens we have painstakingly transformed in the past year. They have all been so supportive of us. Our beautiful north facing deck was completed just in time for the grand opening.

It has been a 10 month process of clearing out the old concrete ramping and wildly overgrown garden and pond, as well as applying for our three permits that finally allowed us to begin the construction of our beautiful new area.

Our carpenter was ready to begin the moment the permits were issued. He, his apprentice and Peter all contributed to the inaugural “throwing of the sledgehammer” to break up 3 square metres of concrete. It was back breaking work – needless to say the younger tradies recovered quicker than Peter did!

The broken concrete was barrowed into several trailer loads, then into landfill and the framework construction began the next day. It was exciting to see our vision for this area finally come to life, after 12 months of staring at overgrown mess.

Once the foundation framework was finished and the building inspector satisfied, the posts went up and the boards were bolted down. Our new deck began to look amazing already.

The carpenter named it the “Loch Deck Monster”, as it had now tripled in size.

The tension wire railing was attached and finally the safety hand rail was in place. A few weeks later the boards were acid washed and then oiled – it was like putting the icing on the cake.

We couldn’t wait to begin the landscaping, so off we went to the nursery and returned with a tree or six. The garden beds were laid out, the trees planted, mulched and watered in. We added a few shrubs that Michelle had propagated last April and it all looked fantastic! We will wait until the weather cools a bit before we complete the planting of the garden beds. We also bought a couple of large concrete planter boxes for our new mandarin and lime trees, which now have pride of place at the far end behind the decking area. Then in went some solar path lights to safely guide down from the decking to the back yard at night.

Next to come were some timber tables and seats to complement our lovely new timber boards. Add in a few umbrellas that can be tilted to shade as the sun moves across the yard.

Our views from our new deck are just beautiful – the undulating hills of South Gippsland, the cows & surrounding farms and our emerging gardens and vegie patches.

To complement our lovely new area, we have installed a large 6 burner barbeque that is sheltered from the weather, so it can be used all year round. Our gas patio heater will keep the cook warm when the nights become a little chillier.

We are thrilled with the transformation of what was once an overgrown, ugly area into our beautiful new outdoor area that will be much used.

The Old Hospital, Loch, situated in South Gippsland, is an ideal group accommodation getaway for 6 – 18 adults.


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