It is our pleasure to offer you a tasty selection of meals designed for your stay at The Old Hospital.

In order to keep costs as reasonable as possible, we would ask you to limit your selections to a minimum of 6 people per selection. For example, if there are six in your party and you decide you want a lunch bowl – then if you can decide on one choice that will help – but if there are 12 of you – then you can make two choices.

Of course, we understand there are often dietary limitations and we will ensure that these are taken into account in preparing your meals – just let us know in advance. And yes – we can do vegan or vegetarian.

And please – if there is something different or special that you hanker for – or even if you want a menu designed for a specific budget– you only have to ask! All prices are per person.

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1. A selection of cereals, toast and home-made conserves $7
2. Bircher muesli, prunes soaked in green tea, yogurt $10
French toast ‘Eiderdown’ with herbs and eggs & bacon $13


1. A selection of ribbon sandwiches and home-made pies such as pancetta and egg, smoked salmon and quail egg, sweet potato and feta. $13
2. A selection of sliders including pulled pork with caramelised onion, teriyaki chicken and pastrami and relish. $15
3. Ploughman’s lunch with home-made terrine and relish and local cheeses. $20

Lunch Bowls

1. French Onion Soup with crusty French stick with melted cheese $10
2. Chili Con Carne with corn fritters. $14
3. Seafood chowder with rye bread. $19


1. Roasted Beet Salad $14
2. Thai Beef Salad $17
3. Chicken Caesar Salad. $20

Dinner (includes your choice of complimentary fruit or dessert)

1. Hearty Lasagne (vegetarian or moussaka if you prefer) with green salad $20
2. Traditional roast selection with roasted vegetables $23
3. Selection of curries with all the condiments including pappadams $25
4. Salmon with Mediterranean vegetables $28
5. Paella $25

A bit fancy (includes your choice of complimentary fruit or dessert)

1. Stuffed Roasted Quail with Asian vegetables $30
2. Shredded Oxtail and Crispy Parmesan with creamy mash $30
3. Asian style pork neck with jasmine rice $30

Nibbly Bits

1. Selection of sweet or savoury tarts and muffins $7
2. Marinated chicken wings – your choice of marmalade glaze, BBQ or Sweet chili $10
3. A Sushi platter with all your favourites (serving size for six). $60
4. Fruit, smoked meat and cheese platter (serving size for six). $50

For further information, contact Mez Oldham 0415 445 215