It may be chilly, but we have worked up a sweat at The Old Hospital!

Loch Makers Market



Hot on the heels of the massively popular Food and Wine Festival was the inaugural Maker’s Market, held here in Loch two weeks ago.

Once again, we threw our hat into the ring with the many other volunteers to help make this day another great success. As usual, the organisers worked tirelessly for months behind the scenes to create an enjoyable event.

The town was brimming over with visitors, the streets were full of cars, the town traders were run off their feet and the general buzz was one of excitement. We were blown away by the quality of the wares produced by all the very talented stall holders – such beautiful creations and we were glad they came on board with our first market. We did have a few teething problems, being a first event, but organisers took all suggestions on board and the day ran really well.

It may be that we are a small village of 240 residents, but the community spirit is far larger – all time and effort was given freely and enthusiastically and the proceeds from those that kindly donated their gold coins will contribute to community improvements to be enjoyed by everyone.

Our wonderfull suspension bridge was built with community funds raised about fifteen years ago and it is a beautiful entrance to the Loch Recreation Reserve. We had the privilege to be photographed as a group on our lovely bridge as part of a local wedding held here in March.

The new Sunnyside Park toilet facility is disability friendly and just another example of how our much appreciated support gets put to work. Our visitors can be assured that the Loch Community Development Association continually strives to improve facilities for our visitors as well as our residents.

There is no shortage of people power in our little community – so many locals are happy to pitch in and work together with a big dollop of community spirit. The much needed funding helps us to see our visions for the village come to fruition.

So please come along and support our next Winterruption event  – our Open Studios, to be held on the weekend of July 27th – 28th. Our very talented and creative artists will be showcasing their talents in several locations around the village. Visitors can follow the trail to a beautiful display of quilts, gorgeous pottery and amazing works of art. To find out more information, visit


Loch has become world famous for our “Winterruption” – our Food and Wine Festival and our inaugural Maker’s Market….

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Loch Festivals


Well, not quite, but there is “aLoch” happening in our little village through winter. 

Loch has developed quite the reputation for the wonderful Food and Wine Festival and is very excited to be hosting the Maker’s Market for the first time this year. We have a small but active Community Development Association who work tirelessly to put our village of around 250 residents on the map.

Most of us are tempted to sit inside by the fire with a hot drink and read a book or two during the winter months – ourselves here at The Old Hospital included.

This June our village will be enticing us to get off the couch, rug up and enjoy what winter has to offer.

On the Sunday of the Queen’s birthday weekend at 10am, the gates will be thrown open down at the Loch Railway Siding for what promises to be an amazing day – the almost world famous Loch Food and Wine Festival.

Visitors entry fee will include a wine glass with which to head off and sample the numerous tastings that must be tasted – wine, bubbly, beer and anything in between (somebody has to do it…)

Of course, one can’t taste test the liquids without food in their stomach. There will be lots of food vendors cooking up a storm, with just about everything you could think of to line your stomach with.

Our railway station platform is hosting a pop up restaurant – this was a hugely popular spot to visit last year. There are also wine and cheese master classes to take in where visitors can learn which cheeses to match with their glass or two of vino.

Children will be kept busy in Sunnyside park with numerous activities, while our four legged friends are welcomed with water bowls here and there throughout. We do ask that you bring your furry friends on a leash.

Our main Victoria Street will also be abuzz with our retailers producing their lovely array of goodies – food, drink, beautiful gifts, clothing, antiques and homewares.

The past thirteen Food and Wine Festivals have bestowed sunny days upon us, so we are hoping this year will be no exception. If not, put on that rain coat and gumboots, hop off the couch and come and join our friendly village on June 9th, from 10am until 3pm for what promises to be great day.

Following our festival our Winterruption Maker’s Market is to be held on Sunday June 29th from 10am – 3pm.

This craft market is to be held in three different venues, all within a short walking distance of each other – the Masonic Lodge, the Loch Hall and the Loch Bowling Club.

More than 50 store holders  will be showcasing their gorgeous wares including artisan jewellery, textiles, candles, oils, miniature rooms, fairy gardens, preserves, nougat and cupcakes…

There are also “make and takes” and a huge raffle to be won.

So please come along and support us at our Winterruption events – all funds raised are put back into our community.


All Loched Up.

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The old gaol, Loch Village

Our small village of Loch in South Gippsland boasts its very own police lock up. The small gaol  sat in the grounds at number 23 Clarence St, which was the town’s old police station from the early 1930’s until the 1980’s, until a new building was built and still remains in Victoria Rd. 

The old lock up was transported from the site (in the 1890’s) of the police station on the North Eastern corner of Mary St and Victoria Rd, which now forms part of the skate ramp area behind Sunnyside park. It was then moved by a team of bullocks into Smith St – to a site leased to the police force in 1898, which adjoined the Loch Hall.

So our little Loch up has had four different sites to call home – the fourth and final site gives it pride of place in the beautiful Sunnyside park – not far from where it all began over 120 years ago.

Felling and clearing of Loch and surrounds began prior to the settlement of the village and continued into the early 1900’s. Settlers received financial remuneration to clear the land and begin farming.

In 1876 Loch Village was a hive of activity. The steam train passed through Loch – so the town needed workers to support the system….Loch needed a station master….and workers…they all had families…..the station master’s residence was built…as were houses for the workers,…. the children needed a school to attend…the women needed supplies…the men needed pubs (!)….and so on, and our village thrived in the late 19th century.

The Loch primary school was built in the 1890’s to educate the children of the railway workers. Then stores and services appeared – a black smith, a grocer, a printer, a post office (now a private residence), two butcher shops (one now forms part of the Loch Brewery), a barber, a sadler, a hardware store, a bakery (now Olive At Loch) and a chemist (now Carrington’s Antiques). Loch even boasted a coffin maker and undertakers. Numerous churches appeared and several still remain today.

Gas street lights on Victoria Road had to be manually lit and extinguished every night.  The roads were reduced to mud during the winter months. Horses and carts struggled to make the long journey up the muddy track that was Quamby Rd (now the Loch Wonthaggi Rd), to the big smoke of Wonthaggi for supplies.

Our village also had a coffee palace – it seems we all loved coffee back in 1891 too! Services in the town consisted of several banks, a solicitor, a garage from the early 20th century, stables, sale yards, several pubs (the Royal Hotel is now a private residence), boot repairers, a boarding house, several banks – and again one of those banks is now the Loch Brewery. 

Several nurses resided in the village, as did Dr Naylor, whose original residence still stands today at number 25 Clarence St. You cannot miss it – there are two original Norfolk pines, which have endured the test of time, still standing in the front yard. The original hospital was built on the corner of Mary St and Victoria Rd – currently a scrap metal yard.

In 1936 the Loch Progress Association formed committees to raise funds to build the Loch Bush Nursing Hospital, on the original Mary St site. The hospital opened and Dr Naylor was appointed the resident doctor. Within two years maintenance and ongoing costs made the original premises unviable. Again committees were formed, funds were raised and the new Loch Bush Nursing Hospital opened in June 1940 at our premises – 13 Clarence St and currently The Old Hospital Loch Village. Sadly once again, financial woes and increasing medical costs forced the closure of the Bush Nursing hospital three years and eleven days later. Eventually we became the much loved and respected Greenhills Hostel for the Aged, until again, financial pressures forced the closure of the home of many local residents. The Korumburra Medical Centre was run in our now manager’s residence for a while, but the building remained empty until it’s 2016/2017 transition to The Old Hospital Guesthouse, where guests are now enjoying relaxing and taking time out to enjoy some country hospitality.

Wandering around our quaint village today, it is easy to transport yourself back to 1876 and imagine the busy little place it was, as Loch is now a “must visit” destination for many visitors wanting to escape and enjoy all our beautiful village and area has to offer, including the Police lock up at Sunnyside park.


Get crafty, midweek!

GetCraftyWe are overjoyed with the runaway success of our new guest house retreat The Old Hospital, particularly from the craft community who have embraced us.

With most weekends now fully booked until early 2020 we are now focusing on promoting our weekday bookings. And what better group to focus on who enjoy our facilities so much – our beloved crafters.

And so our new ad “Get Crafty, midweek” hits Facebook for a two month trial run. An added incentive of a 10% discount (conditions apply) we hope will entice groups of midweek quilters, embroiderers, stampers and sewers. Even book groups and small corporate groups should find The Old Hospital a very convenient retreat within a 90 minute drive from Melbourne.

Probus groups too are included with an article on The Old Hospital to appear in the next  issue of Victorian Probian.

Mid week bookings could well join weekends on our website calendar as “fully booked”, so don’t procrastinate – get crafty and book midweek!

Check availability on our website calendar.

We have just had our first 6 star rating at The Old Hospital!

The new hydronic heating boiler.


Just prior to Christmas we closed for a couple of weeks maintenance.

We continued to modernise the outside colour of the building – a welcome change from a tired cream, indian red and brunswick green colour scheme. Our trusty painter worked tirelessly, dodging the often dark skies and in between the summer rain showers to transform our ugly duckling into a swan. 

Our guests are now eating their breakfast on our deck and are enjoying the fruits of our (or rather, our painter’s) labour.

The big maintenance project was replacing our industrial sized LPG gas boiler, which powers our wonderful hydronic heating that the guests all enjoy in the colder months. The old unit was a “half star “ energy efficient, or should I say, inefficient, unit which was around 30 years old. The new boiler has a six star energy rating, and is much more user friendly, – we also hope the LPG refill truck will not be wearing out our driveway so much with his weekly visits to refill our gas bottles.

The plumber has finally finished the installation and this week it has all passed the safety inspections required. Today I paid my first visit to the boiler room for a while – (Peter is far more excited to see this equipment than I am). To me it looks like a NASA launch pad!

There are pipes, valves, gauges, dials, levers, cable ties, insulation, small green things, medium size black and yellow things, and even a big red thing – all too scary and intimidating for me to ever touch.

Now I see why the installation was such a long process – all those bits of the puzzle have been put into place. It reminds me of the game “Mouse Trap”, when I stand at the door in wonder. I just hope the big cream rectangular thingy doesn’t come crashing down like the cage does over the little mouse eating the cheese. The place has been swept so clean that there would never be any cheese or mice inside here.

I have to admit that it is a six star work of art and I am secretly excited for the winter in Loch this year – we will all be toasty warm here at The Old Hospital.


A little ray of sunshine appears over Loch Village…

A little ray of sunshine...

After some cool, unseasonal weather and some much needed rain we see the sun re-appearing overhead. There’s a tinge of green to be seen throughout the rolling hills of South Gippsland. Even the dams look a little replenished.

While we have been away on a short break our little village has been active. A new Italian cafe restaurant is close to completion and looking fantastic. 

A new reception venue is open and offering stunning meals and vistas over the hills near Loch. 

Another restaurant and shop complex which has been closed for some time has just been sold so it will be exciting to see what the new owners are doing there.

This all adds to the exciting mix of shops, eateries, wineries and brewery that visitors currently enjoy.

The Old Hospital has also enjoyed this transformation and new energy engulfing the village. Our guests might be staying with us to concentrate on their craft work or business retreat but are also enjoying a quick stroll down to the village for a great coffee and cake or a local wine or whisky. They also enjoy visiting the quaint little gift shops, gallery and antique shop as a divergence from their activities.


It’s 2019 and we have just emerged from Stamp Camp mode here at The Old Hospital.

The recent craft group set up.

We have just enjoyed hosting our very talented group of ladies who stamped and created their way through the weekend.

Jessie, our wonderful “Stampin’ Up” demonstrator, had the ladies creating the most beautiful cards, calendars and pictures, including a beautiful 3D dragonfly framed work of art.

Her trusty helper Sarah also created some beautiful paper crafts.

We really enjoy seeing how all our craft groups utilise the workroom so differently, changing the layout to best suit their group’s needs.

The ladies produced gorgeous works of art by day, and Sarah, a local to Loch, showed them some great places to eat and drink  – to recharge their batteries so they could stamp and create away for a few more hours.

Most of the group came across on the ferry from Geelong, but top kudos go to Trudy, Jill and Delores who flew down from Sydney for the Stamp Camp – a mammoth effort!

We were touched by the beautiful desk calendar they made for us, as well as a lovely card signed by everyone. The card has gone straight to the “pool room”, which is actually our notice board in the hallway, adorned with cards from previous guests. The desk calendar has pride of place in our office. Thank you Sarah for making the calendar on behalf of the ladies.

As I write this blog, I have just received an email from Jessie, wanting to return to us with her crafty ladies – we look forward to their return visit in September this year.


The brollies go up for 2019

Loch Deck Monster

The brollies go up on what is affectionately known as The Loch Deck Monster here at The Old Hospital. 

We welcome our first group for 2019, a group of bowlers who have travelled all the way from Mount Beauty in North East Victoria and tomorrow challenge the Loch Bowling Club on what looks to be a scorcher. 

At least it is just a short stroll out the back gate to the bowling club from our accommodation and they can seek respite in our lovely cool air conditioning when the mercury rises.

The greens are looking in top condition thanks to the hard working, diligent locals and should set the scene for an exciting four day tournament.

Although we should be supporting our guests the heart is going for the home team.

Go Loch!

Oh wow – what a year it’s been!


We have just said goodbye to our last group for 2018, as we take a break over the “silly season”.

We have been thrilled with the support we have received from all of our groups that have enjoyed their stay with us this year. Many have re-booked to revisit us again in 2019 – some groups are even returning to us twice!

Never did we anticipate such support from such wonderful people and we thank each and every guest for staying with us here at The Old Hospital.

When we opened our doors for business in December 2017, we had hoped to gather about 2 or 3 bookings a month to support our “semi- retirement” phase we thought we were in. Little did we expect that we would have bookings right through the chilly Gippsland winter months (we did have visions of holidaying in our retro caravan up north for 3 months…). 

November was our busiest month, with 8 bookings, both mid week and weekends. At times, we had a turn around time of 36 hours, which doesn’t sound too bad, but considering just the two of us had to do the cleaning, bed stripping and making and then the return 1.5hr “linen run” to Wonthaggi and back, we only surfaced to breathe and eat at times.

Although we are now closed for a few weeks, the work here does not stop. Our maintenance list consists of continuing to paint the outside of the house, installing a more energy efficient gas boiler for our central heating system and the perpetual task of gardening – a job that constantly beckons our attention. Naturally, we can’t do these things when we have guests in residence, but we have been able to install our lovely new charcoal grey shade awnings in the large lounge area, which not only provide much needed sun protection for both guests and furniture, but also allow our guests to look through them to enjoy the views of the beautiful hills that surround us.

Then there is some much needed family time for us to enjoy over the Christmas and new year period.

When we re-open mid January, we will pick up an even faster pace, as every weekend until the end of August (and several mid week bookings) will see guests enjoying themselves here at The Old Hospital.

So our little retro caravan will go into the shed next winter – although we may sneak a few days away during some quieter weeks to our favourite secret camping spot…


Loch Village Open Garden and Remembrance Day

Poppies Loch Village

The recent rain means that the Loch Village gardens will look their best this Sunday November 11th, for the Loch Village Open Garden display. After the weeds have been removed, the selected gardens will open their gates for visitors to admire.

There will be several different types of gardens on display around Loch from 12pm – 4pm. Simply purchase a map from Carrington’s Antiques, Victoria St Gallery or Caroline Askew Art Gallery on the day and follow the “crumbs” to your chosen garden trail. The cost of the map is $5 which includes entry to all of the gardens that will be opening.

This year we have tied the theme in with Remembrance Day.

Loch will host a short memorial service to remember fallen soldiers at around 10.45am at the Cenotaph, outside the old post office on the corner of Smith St & Victoria Rd. Loch Primary School children will be planting knitted poppies – one for each soldier from the Loch and surrounding area, who sacrificed their lives for us to live in peace. 

Extra poppies will be available for purchase to either plant or keep as a memento.

At midday, selected garden gates will be thrown open for visitors to admire beyond. A couple of gardens will require a car to reach them, but are well worth the extra effort.

The ladies of the Loch Garden Club have spent many months creating hand made poppies, which have been made into brooches – now on sale around the Village.

Several of the ladies had never picked up a crochet hook, so many winter evenings were spent together at The Old Hospital, wine in hand, teaching and learning new poppy creation skills. 

Another night was spent here sewing all the pins onto the 195 poppies we made into brooches and sewing stems onto the beautiful knitted poppies to be planted. The garden club gents made sure the ladies were well fed while they sewed. It was mammoth effort by our little fledgeling club and thank you to everyone for their efforts.

Last Thursday the poppies were placed for sale on mannequins in town – “Poppy” stands in Victoria Street Gallery and in Carrington’s Antiques. We were thrilled to see our creations displayed so beautifully.

Please help to us support fallen soldiers families and drop into these shops to purchase a poppy for $2 when visiting Loch this week. We would love to see visitors enjoying Loch’s gardens on Sunday.

The entire proceeds from the purchase of handmade poppies and garden maps are being donated to Legacy.

For more information visit